Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Wow, I'm back. Seems just like a few days ago I was on and giving you all the excuses of my last absence. And now here I go again.
Excuse #1 (actually the truth). I've just been so busy. The boys have been starting back to school which entailed massive amounts of shopping. The nanny's last day was Friday and I'm hunting for a new one.
Now that's over and done with.....let's discuss what's going on in my mind. Received an email from my attorney who finally got a settlement proposal. He's dropping it in the mail with his thoughts on it. Hmmmm, wonder what's in it and what he's going to charge me for his thoughts?
It brought up the fear that I've been letting hide for a while. The fear of "can I do this?". So today, I tackled it. I recognized the anxiety I was feeling, acknowledged it and accepted it. It's normal and healthy. Not letting myself go back to the "safety" of what I had. To me, never again. I just am going to go forward and accept things as they come. I may have some doubts sometimes but I am not going to let them drag me down to where I was before. It's only life's little speed bumps. I've gone over much bigger ones in the past and I've always made it over the humps. This is no different. Got my spine and I can do this.
Besides, the anxiety did help me get some really deep cleaning done.

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