Monday, September 7, 2009

Things have been tough

I think that statement sums it up. Due to the fact that my ex only wants to pay $241 for childcare per month, Misdemeanor has lost his speech slots and occupational slots also. Told my attorney that it's not going to work.

My job has reared its ugly teeth. They fired a very good long term nurse on Friday because she was unable to work full time due to the fact she attended school. The reason was cutting back due to the budget. She was so upset because she was looking forward to getting pregnant with her first. The reasoning for the "budget" I won't even go into. All I can say is that some rash doc made some rash decisions which failed miserably.

The boys have been out of school since Tuesday due to the Flu. Since it was That flu, I was told to stay home because I had a cough. I started my Tamiflu as soon as I got it for preventive measures.

Now I feel like I have got a target on my back. There is no other person who can do my job but I truely dislike my job but should feel lucky to have one. I want to get out of the medical field but I don't know where to go. I kick myself for not finishing college. At least with that, my options would have been better. I'd do well in a corporate office. I work hard and do use my mind a lot. Was looking at grants but it's just not possible. Resume is out but I think the fact that before this job, I wasn't working for three years because I was fighting the State of Georgia for my son is not going to be taken into consideration. His autism needed me more than my job at the time. Don't want to live paycheck to paycheck. Stressed about it so much that I thought that maybe I am not the best caregiver for my boys. I've fought so many years for services they require but I am unsure if I can provide what they need anymore on my own.