Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's Saturday and the boys are asleep. One in my bed and the other is in his own bed. Tomorrow they leave for a week so I'll be childless for a week. Misdemeanor is upset that I'm not going with them to Florida. He's been really attached today wanting to spend time with me. Very mellow and quiet. Getting him to talk about his feelings is like pulling teeth. With the autism, his self awareness is almost nil. He has all these emotions inside but doesn't understand them and it's hard for him to explain what he is feeling and why. I do dread him being away without some minimal support. His father (the ex) really didn't get involved with the autism. He still hasn't learned to pick up the cues that I can from Misdemeanor on how he is relating to a situation or place. Too much sounds or actions and he just tunes out. I let him know that he can call me anytime that he needs to. Just trying to reassure him that I will be there for him and he can talk to me.

Listening to this

and then Ipod led me back to my roots.

Saw him last year and he still sounds so good. Some music just stands the test of time and becomes a classic.

Trying not to be blue.

Sorry about the advertisement. Couldn't find the video anywhere else.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Inhumane torture Part 2 (aka Where is the missing link in customer service)

So the A/C saga continues. Still no A/C. First guy I found stood me up 3 times with no phone call or no show. Finally he comes out AFTER I left a brief and concise message of how I was going to put my dissatisfaction with his company on every review I could find that was linked to his company. Surprise surprise, he showed up on Friday evening at 5:30 to tell me what I already knew. It wasn't the freon. With the sounds it was making, I knew something else was out of whack. The price he quoted me was $2K. Told him to call me later that evening to discuss possibly setting up a time for Monday. Then I waited and waited and thought and thought. Well, long story short, the guy finally does call at 10:50 p.m. which I was so disgusted with his unprofessionalism that I ignored the call. Didn't hear from him again this weekend. The loser. So called an acquaintance who lives on the other side of ATL and asked her since I knew her hubby was formerly a contractor. Lucky me that her cousin is an A/C guy who came out today and saw the unit and is now fixing it tomorrow for much less than the stupid guy. Now here comes the funny part..... I got a call from him today begging and pleading with me to give him another chance. .... WTF!?!?! Am I in a relationship with this man? He said I should forgive him and think of his kids and that he is a part time preacher who preaches to forgive and give people second chances. I'm so sorry but you have been the most unprofessional service repairman that I've ever had the unfortunate pleasure to call and have to deal with. And BTW, he asked me if I could take down the review I put up on a site that basically said he was a no show/no call 3 times and was very unprofessional and unreliable. Sorry bud but that is staying up. I think if God exists, he would prefer me to tell the truth.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Living in the South w/o A/C is only a degree hotter than hell

My A/C started dying on me on Sunday. Came home and it was making funny noises. The weirdest part was the ring of ice around the tube connecting into the unit and the icicles hanging down. What's a girl to do about that? Call a guy which I did. They told me to turn it off and let it defrost. It apparently does happen in the South. I did. Went grocery shopping and was debating to try and fix the broken ring or hire someone. After reexamining the whole thing, I realized it needed brute strength. Also did several loads of laundry to heat up the defrost process. Next day, turned it back on. Came home to discover my A/C was moaning and groaning and shuddering uncontrollably. OMG, this is going to be the most expensive orgasm I will have to pay for. And it wasn't even mine.

So Tuesday, I made appointment for Wednesday morn between 9 and 9:30. I wait on Wednesday after taking off the morn for work. 9:30 I call. "Hey, this is me and I was trying to get a estimated time of arrival." The RESPONSE...."Hey, I got to answer the phones so can we resched?" Fine.... Saturday.

So hot so did calling around and did find someone who could do it Saturday also. Was going to drop kick first A/C guy tomorrow.

Then a miracle happened. The owner called and said "hey, how's the fixed A/C doing". Was nice and told him the whole situation of what had transpired. He kept apologizing and then SAID "Well, I talked to your husband about it"....WHAT THE HELL. Informed him that I did not have a husband. So now instead of coming on Saturday, he's coming tomorrow after my day at work and not charging me the service fee and taking off $10 every pound of freon I may need.

And I only got 15% on the Face Book "how bitchy are you" quiz.

Finally the temp upstairs is dropping to 79.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Maybe her shelf life will be longer

Damn, thought she was just a studio produced blonde bimbo with no talent but a catchy techno song. I was wrong. Hope they let her do more acoustic.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Work is killing my "social" life

Only one week has passed since I've been back to the working class and I am just plain exhausted of juggling kids, finding a nanny (would love to do daycare but Misdemeanor has so many appointments and school), preparing to work, and working full time. I am trying to absorb and fix so many problems at work that I feel needs to be tackled and solved all at once. Think I'm a little OCD. Must learn to handle one fire at a time or else I'm going to go crazy and take some people with me when I finally snap. So it's gotten to the point that I am so brain dead to write anything witty or smart (but then again, have I ever done it in the past?). Haven't had the time to keep up on what other bloggers are writing and I feel so bad because I AM interested but my body and life has to get to a point where they both can coexist in peaceful harmony. Haven't reached that point yet. When I do, I'll be commenting and posting and keeping up with all the interesting and wonderful people I have found. And one day, I'll finally get to meet the ones here in Atlanta. One day my life will reach a point of Zen.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Meet my new best friend

Do you like my new grindstone? My last one looked like this-------> .

Started new job today. YEAH!!! Been nanny searching like crazy. EI is under the impression that child support will also include childcare expenses.... Come on, people, laugh with me..... He's extending a "loan" to cover my childcare expenses until I get some salary coming in. I told him to bite me and get some legal counsel from his attorney that he is not utilizing in a useful manner. Informed him that childcare expenses are added on top of child support. He pays a portion and I pay a portion. He had a hard time understanding that concept of him actually having to *gasp* give me some money. I so need this to end soon. Has been dragging way way way too long.