Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I've been awarded.

I've been awarded by Lemmy Caution at Alphaville. Thank you so much.
Now all I have to do is tell you 10 honest things about me.
1. I've worn glasses since I was in 3rd grade. Tried the contacts but they just irritated me. Also found I get taken more seriously when I do wear them.
2. I haven't seen my natural hair color since I was 15.
3. I'm one of those gals who is too lazy to take off her makeup before she goes to sleep.
4. I am always in need of a vacation.
5. I haven't had a cavity since high school.
6. I used to get easily unattached to people to protect myself. Trying really hard to stop that one. Finally trying to experience the whole spectrum of emotions.
7. I think parts of me are on the autism spectrum.
8. I have absolutely no ass. (or boobs now that I am looking at them.... well maybe little bumps)
9. I have a plethora of freckles which I absolutely hate. Always wanted the porcelain white Asian skin but the Irish side won.
10. And now the honest truth, this is really hard because I think I am so boring.
Now the ones I would like to pass this on to are with the same rules of telling 10 honest things about you.:
1. Utah Savage Love her. just wish I had more time.
2. The Peach Tart She will keep you cracking up and she's very honest.
3. The Drug Monkey So good.
4. That's Why I love her just wish I could have the time to read more.
5. Bern This Always got my laughing
6. Pretty But Shallow is funny and real.
7. Mommy with a Penis is great also.
Good night all.
Well Gotta go and get some sleep. 6 AM comes early.


  1. Thank you so much for the award. I also haven't seen my real hair color since about that same time and have freckles and always wanted pale pale skin. Irish also.

  2. This was given to me by a Nigerian blogger for my poetry site. I passed it on, as the rules were very rigorous and I felt such honor at being given an award for my poetry. Plus as an old lefty, I love the working class look and feel of it. I'm glad it made it into your deserving hands. Thank you for thinking of me. You're very generous. I wish you had more time too. Nice choices for your other honorees.

  3. Excellent stuff!! Great list indeed! You are very welcome.

  4. Oh, no. Memes!

    I hear you on autism. I was even supposed to be tested for it when I was a kid, but my mom wouldn't allow it. My husband thinks I am somewhat autistic. Let's form a club.

  5. I enjoyed reading those 10 things. Not sure what I would say which is probably why #10 speaks to me so much.


  6. It's an easy defensive technique to use---to push people away to not get hurt in the process. Problem with it is that you're denying yourself the ability to really love.

  7. Jeez - sorry it took me so long to thank you. I loved reading your list. And thank you.